My Machine

Let me introduce you to Penny....

Once upon a time, I grew up in a small community outside of Houston called Katy.  It consisted of the leftover cattle pens from when Maudeen Marks ran cattle along Highway 6, rice fields, and duck hunting.  We had to drive ten minutes down the road to Addicks to get our mail from a one room post office, and 45 minutes into town to get groceries.  

When we did go in for groceries, Mom made sure to run as many errands as we could.  Near Randalls (this would be Tom Thumb in north Texas) was a store called The Pretty Penny.  It was similar to a Hallmark store, but featured many items that had been personalized by their artists.

This was my first encounter with all things crafty and artsy that one could sell, and I was IN LOVE.  We used to get threatened with our lives NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING, as you break it, you buy it!   (My brother, Michael, actually DID touch glassware, and my Mom ended up writing a VERY big check to them once....he's never lived that down.)  

So it came to me when trying to determine her name, this was a great nod to my first love of good things!

Oh, and with the end of Big Bang Theory (as our family will forever be obsessed with the show), it was my last tribute to a series that has given us much joy, laughter, and enough quotes to keep up going for years to come!