E2E Quilting


E2E quilting means "edge to edge" quilting.  This is an all-over pattern than gives a beautiful consistency to your project.  This "sandwiches" your top, batting and backing together for a wonderful finished project.  This starts at $0.015 per square inch. 

Custom Quilting

Have an idea of how you'd like to have your project quilted in certain areas?   Does your quilt seem

Have an idea of how you'd like to have your project quilted in certain areas?  Want your quilt to have a particular look to it?  Does your quilt seem to be "telling" you how it would like to look?  This is something we can accomplish together, starting at $0.035 per square inch.

Senior Quilts/T-Shirt Quilts


Have Mom and Dad been diligent about saving all those shirts over the years?  Here's how to "upcycle" them into a ONE OF A KIND graduation gift!

Have t-shirts from an activity/hobby/event over time?  This is a GREAT way to keep track of memories and keep warm from them at the same time!

These quilts start at $25 per shirt, which includes batting and quilting, plus cost of fabric for backing.  Binding can done for you if you'd like a completely finished project at $0.10 per inch plus cost of fabric.

Memory Bears


Have a loved one who has passed, and you'd like to have something of theirs to hold onto?  Bring in their clothing, and we can turn those items into a bear to hold when you still need them close!  Bears start at $40.



If you'd like to add a label to your quilt or another item, or have some wording done on your quilt, let me know.....I've got the connections for this!



Whether you're in need of thread, bobbins, needles, batting or material, we offer a wide variety to suit your needs.  As we are located within Must Love Fabric Quilt Store, we have something to help you out in all areas!